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Sabrina Ferilli 1964 -
One of Italy's most best known personalities, tv showgirls and actresses, Sabrina Ferilli started her career in early 80's supporting roles in films as Caramelle di uno Sconosciuto directed by Franco Ferrini.
During the 80s she starred in various Italian TV series, played on Italian theatre stage, also conducted the Festival of Sanremo in 1996 and has been voted several times as the most desired woman by Italian men.

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Sabrina Ferilli films she starred in:

A Ruota Libera (2000)
Le Giraffe (2000)
Lives Of The Saints (2002)
L'Acqua ... Il Fuoco (2003)
Christmas In Love (2004)
Dalida (2005)
Natale A New York (2006)
Caramelle Da Uno Sconosciuto (1986)
Portami La Luna (1986)
Il Volpone (1987)
Rimini Rimini (1987)
Night Club (1989)
La Strada Di Ball (1990)
Americano Rosso (1990)
Piccoli Omicidi Senza Parole (1990)
Centro Storico (1991)
Un Giorno Di Festa (1991)
Vietato Ai Minori (1992)
Diario Di Un Vizio (1993)
Il Giudice Ragazzino (1993)
Anche I commercialisti Hanno Un'Anima (1993)
La Bella Vita (1994)
Vite Strozzate (1995)
Ferie D'Agosto (1996)
Arance Amare (1996)
Ritorno A Casa Gori (1996)
Il Signor Quindicipalle (1997)
Tu Ridi (1998)
I Fobici (1998)

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Sabrina Ferilli - the football fanSabrina Ferilli and football
Sabrina is a huge fan of AS Roma football team and sits on the board of AS Roma's Fans Council. In 1998, Sabrina Ferilli promised to strip publicly if AS Rome win the Italian football champion. The team won in 2001 and Sabrina partially fulfilled her promise during the official victory celebration - she did not strip all the way, but almost.

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Sabrina Ferilli - italian celebrity, tv showgirl and personality.

Sabrina Ferilli is to Italians now what Sofia Loren was in the 50s and 60s.
Probably not as world wide famous but Sabrina is in fact a household name in Italy today.

Elegant, sexy, attractive, emancipated and intelligent, Ferilli today tops audience quotas both at the cinema, on theater stage and television.

Antonello Venditti photographSabrina Ferilli mini biography
Sabrina's Ferilli's father was the Italian Communist Party speaker of the Lazio regional council which was some influence on Ferilli's tendency to the left which she never made any secret about

Having been rejected by Rome's Experimental Cinematography Centre she started by taking elocution lessons and also managed to get small secondary roles in films always aiming at not becoming a sex symbol and cast in such parts, due to her voluptuous body.

Later she did manage to work at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and also got the role in 1990 the film : Americano Rosso (The Red American) which made her popular and known to the general public.

She then starred in the film directed by Marco Ferreri: Diario di un Vizio (Diary of a Viced maniac) in 1993, which won the Critics Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

She also then became popular on Italian television especially in the 1999 tv series Commesse.

In 2005 she played the leading role in the
biographical film : Dalida, about the French/Italo singer - which was well acclaimed by both critics and the viewers.

Ferilli was married to Andrea Perone an Italian lawyer from 2003 to 2005.

You can read a more comprehensive biography of Sabrina Ferilli on wikipedia.

Sabrina Ferilli - Glamour and football

Antonello VendittiSabrina Ferilli - model glamour
The magazine Max publish a nude calendar each year and the copy for which Sabrina Ferilli posed was the most sold issue with over 1 million sales.

Check out a few shots from the backstage set of the film and photo shoot of that famous Max calendar issue...Sabrina Ferilli Max calendar shoot


Sabrina Ferilli - Sex symbol with brains

Ferilli Sabrina imageSabrina Ferilli
Sex Symbol with brains
Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing Sabrina on television, and if they understood Italian, then they would agree that this is not just a sex symbol, but a very attractive lady with brains.
Sabrina Ferilli has in fact never been afraid to speak her mind and even in political turmoiled times of Italy under some of the past governments when her tv, and cinema peers mostly kept their views to themselves, afraid of offending some important politician, or worse, tv director, Ferilli has always spoken her mind.

So whilst everyone can enjoy viewing erotic photographs of Sabrina Ferilli  only those who have actually heard Sabrina speak on talk shows and understood what she had to say can appreciate her all-roundedness ... as in sexy, but also clever, emancipated and astute.

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Sabrina Ferilli on
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Sabrina Ferilli
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